Thursday, June 16, 2016


Sorry that I have been away. On the 4th of June I had to make the awful decision to put my dear kitty, Whisper, to sleep. I have been his fur momma since he was 8 weeks old and at 15 years, his kidneys were failing. It's been a hard couple of weeks and I have a long way to go. He was my special kitty and I miss him terribly.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

New Art

I've got a new monochromatic animal started! Meet the snow leopard! She is being painted in light blue violet on 12x24 canvas.

The recent show at the Grapevine, Texas Main Street Fest was a great weekend! Thank you to everyone who came out to see me! I began painting the snow leopard at the fest and I hope to get her done soon. I also painted and sold this pretty kitty...

She's done in a combination of ink wash and watercolors.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm here!

I'm going to try, AGAIN, to be better about this blog and keep it more up to date. As usual there is lots going on, sometimes too much! I've completed more of the monochromatic wildlife series! Here is the finished sea turtle, titled "Turtoise" by my husband.

My involvement with the 78 Tarot project continues with the completion of our third deck Carnival! This time around I was happy to paint the Page of Pentacles! The Kickstarter actually ends i the next day or two, we have already been fully funded and unlocked several stretch goals! Go here to be a part of it!

My most recent painting was a practice in beating back the blues. I like it quite a bit! It's a 5x7 ink and acrylic painting.

There is much more coming up, but I don't want to throw it all out at once. Please check back soon. I promise to update more often!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Long Time No Post

This week is a busy week! Art Conspiracy is holding it's famous charity auction this Saturday the 14th and I am one of the contributing artists! I had such a blast lat year that I was more than happy to submit again this year! Come on out and support us! All proceeds go to the Dallas area non profit MAP - Making Art with a Purpose! For more details head on over to ArtCon's website here. 

Here is my prepared board, but I can't show you the final painting until the 14th! It's super cute, though!

Saturday the 15th through the 20th, I have another painting going up for auction at the 78 Tarot Club. It's a monthly themed auction that is tarot related. This month is the "Twinkling Twenties"!

She is a flapper Fool, stepping blindly out onto the stage to start her adventure!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The 78 Tarot Project

I am honored to be a part of a global art collaboration 78 Tarot, where 78 artists from around the world have each illustrated a single card of a tarot deck. We have all of the cards finished and are in the midst of fundraising on kickstarter. If you would like to learn more and see the deck be created visit us here:
78 Tarot

If you would like to help fund the decks creation please see our kickstarter page here:

We are offering discounted limited edition decks plus all kinds of perks and prizes, including original art and prints donated by the artists!! 

Here is my contribution, the 8 of Wands

Friday, January 31, 2014

Monochromatic Series Update

I have begun five new paintings in my monochromatic wildlife series! I have not yet decided how many paintings the series will contain. As long as I am inspired I will keep going. The monochromatic series are painted entirely using only one color plus black and white for shading and tinting.

Please keep in mind these paintings are not complete. If you would like to follow the step by step completion of these, please like my Face Book page here ArtbyAnastasia

Here is the bear. He is being painted using burnt umber on a 36x48 canvas.

the elephant using green gold on 40x60 canvas

the lion using yellow oxide on 24x30 canvas

the snake using bronze yellow on 8x24 canvas

This is the turtle using cobalt turqoise on 30x30 canvas

Monday, September 16, 2013

In the Buff

"In the Buff" is the fourth painting in a series of monochromatic animal paintings I am working on.

The entire piece is made using only ONE color, which is Burnt Sienna, plus varying amounts of black and white to shade and tint. There is not any part that does not have the Burnt Sienna mixed in, so no solid blacks or whites exist.

This is painted on stretched canvas 22x28" using liquitex acrylic paint.

Sorry, but this is a photo of the canvas. I am going to have to get it professionally scanned at a later date.

Original for sale $450